Days OF eNCGS Internations MUN: Day 1

 Day One

On Friday, the 23rd of March, the honorable delegates of the second edition ENCG Settat International Model United Nations, who arrived at 16:00 to Hospitality Inn (Berrechid), were greeted by members of the academic and logistical teams, other delegates, and the academic supervisors. During the meet and greet delegates received their room keys and settled into their rooms – close attention was given to making sure each delegate was placed in a room that met their needs; and that each room met the standards set by ENCG and MUN – Morocco.  

After each delegate was settled in, members of the logistical team chauffeured them into a specially designated conference room to begin the info session; led by the co-chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Oussama Lakhdar; and Academic Supervisor, Mohamed Limame Malainine. During the info session, special attention was payed to explaining the rules of procedure – the different types and how to use them correctly in the UNHRC and UN Security Council. Further explanation was given to the differences between the two councils – specifically the extended rules of procedure of the Security Council. Finally, and most importantly, specific details were given to the delegates about how to draft an intelligent professional, and effective resolution paper. 

Around 20:00, delegates were given free time to settle into their rooms (unpack, change, shower, etc.), and to allow set up time for dinner and a live performance. Dinner kicked off with a delightful performance by Gnawa Dancers, a traditional Moroccan dance found in the Essaouira Region. When the performance was finished, dinner was served – large Bastille served family style and a deliciously prepared lamb accompanied live music form the Gnawa performers. After all the plates had been picked clean, the DJ took the main stage followed closely by delegates eager to work off some calories by dancing – a special thanks to Red Bull for giving many delegate the energy to keep moving. 

After the dancing had concluded, coordinators announced the time of departure for the following morning would be 08:30 sharp, and the delegates were released for the night. As the delegates finished up their opening speeches, and got rest for the following day’s events, two meetings took place; the academic team met to discuss the importance of moving the committees along the following day; and the logistical team discussed the schedule for the next two days, making sure enough time was allocated for each committee to reach a resolution.